Resource or outsource? Just don’t keep putting it off


Customer success and customer experience should be at the forefront of a company’s go to market plan, I’m sure and hope many of you agree.

That said, it’s often difficult to build this resource internally. You need a strategic thinking director to come in and assess the areas which require change or attention. This person must have clear focus and ambition, someone with a background in your industry, someone familiar with your services. More importantly, someone with a track record of success.

I’m not saying that person is impossible to find, but ultimately they will then need a team of people to execute on the plan and herein lies the challenge for organisations. Companies that don’t have a customer success or customer experience specialist to work with and nurture their key customers, alongside the rest of their estate, often struggle to take the plunge. After all, it can be daunting to create a new and different department. It may also be difficult to draw in the best talent unless the offer is astronomical.

Here at Adoptt we work with many organisations in this situation, but equally with companies that have the resources already in place.

We are a group of industry veterans who have track records transforming organisations’ growth and reputation in this area.

The reason I’m highlighting this is that I often speak to companies who sit on their plans and keep putting it off. It’s a big shift, a large project that can take considerable time to deliver. I appreciate that’s a rather sweeping comment, but are you holding off plans for customer success and experience to drive revenues and prevent customer churn?

Why don’t you get in touch and we can show you how outsourcing can help accelerate your plans. be it in the short, medium or long term.

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Danny Steventon

Danny Steventon

Design and fulfilment lead of Adoptt’s workplace technology strategy. Owner of the vendor workplace technology services that we deliver and the ecosystems that they support.

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