The real work comes once you choose the product


In my last article I talked about the three mindsets of companies procuring technology, or indeed procuring any form of business tool.

So many times, I’ve witnessed the ill-fated ‘buy and move-on’ mentality from companies when it comes to selecting a collaboration technology.

We’ve all heard the wonderful phrase ‘throw enough proverbial at the wall and some of it will stick.’ I’m sure you are also aware it’s a doomed strategy with anything. After all, you wouldn’t hear a brain surgeon partway through operations saying “Yep, that will do, looks about right, should do the trick, let’s move onto the next one”. I sincerely hope not anyway. So why do some businesses treat technology in the same vein? I’m of course not brandishing all businesses as being guilty for this approach but it is all too common nonetheless.

We go to all this effort of RFPs, demonstrations, proof of concepts, trials, pilot groups, surveys, negotiations, internal meeting after internal meeting, debating the pros and cons of a technology, then once selected, what happens? You’ve guessed it: throw it out at the users and expect a revolution to happen.

In my last organisation I was lucky enough to build a deployment team who worked closely with customers in advance of procuring technology and we were able to plan out the ‘what’s in it for me’ messaging to the users, alongside a formulaic roll out that took into account people’s priorities, deadlines and day to day work. Without question, every single company that invested time in the lead up to a deployment in this process had a seamless, happy and productive user community that felt part of the process and not simply the victims of a procurement process.

I’ve been able to join a group of passionate and like-minded people from the industry here at Adoptt. A way to describe our experience would be to paraphrase a quote from a Liam Neeson movie “…what we do have are a very particular set of skills. Skills we have acquired over a very long career”, though I would like to be clear, the plot from this film is far from our approach with customers.

In a nutshell… we turn technology procurement and adoption personnel in your business into super heroes, we turn users into efficient, happy campers, able to fulfil their roles more productively. We deliver that cultural change from paper to electronic from airmiles to work life balance, the list goes on.

It’s important to know we are not resellers of technology, we are impartial and unbiased toward products. We are plain and simply passionate about change management and digital transformation in the workplace.

Don’t take the strain on your own. Call us. We are here to help you overachieve on that burdening project.

Danny Steventon

Danny Steventon

Design and fulfilment lead of Adoptt’s workplace technology strategy. Owner of the vendor workplace technology services that we deliver and the ecosystems that they support.

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