A day in the life of a Webex coach


A day in the life of a Webex coach is much more than training groups in scheduled sessions throughout the day or when providing an on demand service, waiting for an incoming request for learning how to use Webex.

Well it’s just not that simple. Coaching people on how to use Webex is much more than just explaining the different key presses to schedule a meeting. It’s about coaching people on how to be better collaborators and how to work more flexibly, using technology as means of saving time, avoiding travel or delighting customers.

Humans are creatures of habit and coaching is as much about helping them break those habits and form new positive ones. It doesn’t happen overnight and that’s why it takes several interventions. These range from one hour full on dips into the technologies through to five minute quickies on an obscure but valuable feature in a mobile app. Changing habits is a journey not an event.

One of the ways we change habits is by using context in virtual coaching sessions tailored to certain areas of the business. Finance have slightly different needs to HR when using Webex Meetings in for example remote control of a desktop to help a colleague fix an Excel problem is more relevant to them than learning how to set up video first meetings for candidate interviews. Management consultants who are constantly travelling or working mostly at client locations are more interested in fast joining audio only meetings and being able to schedule meetings when they’re on a plane.

By understanding who we’re coaching, identifying their specific needs in the context of their role is crucial for adoption which results in a high level of conversion even when several interventions are required.

To make it easy to transition to new ways of working we offer a real time on demand coaching service that can respond to request for coaching in minutes, and quite often in seconds. It’s like a recovery room supporting anyone with gaps in their knowledge of the app or if they’re having teething issues.

These on demand group and 1-2-1 coaching sessions can be focused to the specific needs of the individual or group. It’s natural for people to learn and adopt new technologies at different speeds, and this on demand service makes sure no one is left behind.

A Webex coach will take everyone through a journey into a new way of working that suits them best and on demand coaching is a service our customers can rely on when they transition from old to new technologies and legacy ways of working to modern agile working practices, always finding ways of showing people how Webex can be used in context.

Webex is big and it provides different ways to achieve the same outcome from scheduling, hosting and joining meetings to setting up teams and spaces in the most practical efficient way. Knowing what button to press isn’t nearly as important as having a reason to do so. But how do you know which features and practices save “you” the most time? How do you work this out? Adoptt Webex coaches understand it’s not that people are dumb, they just don’t have time. We save them time by transferring our knowledge and experience in a way that makes it easy for them to consume at a time of their choosing.

Adé Benjamin

Adé Benjamin

Responsible for designing, developing and delivering adoption services for the world's leading real time collaboration technologies in the context of workplace transformation, change management and digital disruption.

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