Knowing what you’re famous for


It’s a misconception that being ‘famous for’ something should only apply to a select few. And whilst it’s certainly a term that is more commonly associated with well-known public figures, the benefits of being famous for something that is relevant to what you are trying to achieve, is not only significant in determining your trajectory but in defining where you end up.

So, let’s first start with a simple question – what are you trying to achieve? What is the desirable outcome that you are seeking and what is your plan to get there? It’s staggering how few people are able to answer this. Most have a vague plan, some no plan at all; which is fine, so long as you’re fine with that. But what if you have a great plan? What does the best version of you look like? What is the potential of a better you?

To understand this further, it’s essential to first understand yourself. Not just what makes you tick, but how you interact and collaborate with others. Equally, how do they feel about you and in turn, does a deeper understanding of this impact how you choose to interact with them? Ask yourself this: in social or work situations are you a ‘net positive’ or ‘net detractor’ to a group dynamic or outcome? How do people feel when you walk in the room, both unplanned and expected? Do people want to spend time with you or avoid you? Do you blend in or stick out? Are you memorable? Are they even aware that you exist? And once you’ve understood this, is this what you intended or expected and do you want anything to change?

There’s no right or wrong answer clearly, but self-discovery and the impact you have on others is an essential part of knowing who you are and what others perceive to be your strengths and weaknesses. And whether you like it or not, this defines what you are famous for.

Increasingly in business, it is the power of your network that is key. Employment at one company and in a specific role has become transient. The ability to hop between companies, jobs and mix skillsets is greater than it ever has been before. So, too, is the need to evolve yourself; particularly in an age of ‘always on’ and ‘always connected’. Even more so as advanced robotics and machine learning both encroach on and augment human capabilities.

Life is a journey, as is work. Knowing where you’re heading and how you intend to get there should define your approach. A deep understanding of your own being and the impact that you have on others is an absolute necessity if you are to navigate it successfully. Which takes us all the way back to the importance of knowing what you’re famous for.

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Steven Willert

Steven Willert

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